​Theater stage lighting design


The theater is a place that is specialized in performing cultural entertainment such as drama performance, stage play, song and dance play, song and dance troupe, quyi, song, etc. today"s theater also plays the role of broadcasting films, large, medium and small-sized conferences.

Common lighting positions for theater lighting effect:

1、 surface light.

Installed at the top of the auditorium outside the stage prologue. The light is projected from the opposite side to the performance area in front of the stage, and the light spot that points directly at the face of famous actors is the face light. It can get a wide range of chroma, clear the "blind area" easily caused in the interface, adjust the light ratio, expand or reduce the gap, so as to show the effect of balance and prevent partial exposure from not enough. However, if this kind of light is not used with the light of other light positions, it will lack chroma level and sense of hierarchy. Therefore, the surface light can only be used as the basic lighting and color, and can not be used as the main light and the special tool to shape the image.

2、 Side bottom surface light (cantilever light)

The stage light of the theater is generally set at the front end of the second floor of the audience platform, which can improve the overall color of the reverse side of the stage. The stage and a part of the audience platform close to the stage can be lit by the floodlight. It can provide auxiliary lighting for the live broadcast and the news report of the conference. The light is projected from both sides and the back of the bottom to the stage performance area, which is the filling of the "face light".

3、 Palm (light on both sides of the stage)

The light looks from the side to the light position in the stage performance area, which is called left and right palms respectively. It is used to enhance the level sense of character and scenery, produce the actual lighting effect of front side, and create the actual shaping effect. If the light ratio of the second generation of earth shadow is properly matched with each other, the rich and powerful modeling design effect can be obtained. People"s angle is the same as the change of side light * dexterous, the side is only the main light of the character and the scene"s illuminated surface, the key special tool of modeling design; it is dominated by modeling design and assisted by lighting, so as to surpass the vertical lighting, with many lights in the horizontal direction. Two rows of palms with the same color of left and right lamps project separately. The high position lamps usually project the high beam area, and the low position lamps generally project the low beam area. The slap lamp can be installed in a concealed way or placed in an earphone room. The earphone room shall not obstruct the audience"s driving and not block the vision of the side audience. The horizontal angle between the horizontal projection of the light axis of the lighting lamp which is widened to the performance area through the edge of the stage frame and the stage center line shall not exceed 45 °, so that the side frame of the stage mouth can be seen by the side audience of the stage mouth. In addition, it does not harm the sound transmission of the sound box of the stage mouth.

4、 Portal side light (column light)

Column light is used to fill the lack of surface light and slap, and the selection of suitable lighting lamps can also be used as a short-range rear lighting application. In addition, a line of actual effect lights is hidden at the entrance of the engineering building to show a more flexible main expression for the effect map of the light belt in the stage. On both sides of the stage opening prologue, the lighting lamps are installed on the "retractable theme activity platform", "column type galvanized pipe" or "fixed wooden frame". A light bridge is set under the stage false platform opening (upper section), and the side light part (column light) is set under the side section.

5、 Pavement side light (flow light)

Fluidity is only a kind of "maneuverable light" on the stage. It is usually placed on both sides of the stage to cooperate with the side light of the overpass or as an independent application of modeling design light. The usage rate of this kind of light is very high, and the ability of modeling design is very strong. From the perspective of the audience, the part of the mobile light and the famous actors produce 90 °. The light effect can highlight the surface structure of the object block, and the three-dimensional shape of the light projected is obvious.

Top light

The top is just a vertical projection from top to bottom, not suitable for direct characters. This kind of light position, such as the use of astigmatism eye lighting lamps plus highlight paper or yarn, to become highlight, to the landscape with a wide range of lighting, can have the effect of "foundation light". It can give the scene, game props and road surface a symmetrical chroma, and can moderately weaken or eliminate the disordered figure produced by the light of other light positions. Generally, a special screw rod for lighting effect is set up and down every 3m in the depth of stage screw rod, the switching power supply is relaxed from the stage ceiling, the wire basket for cable is set under the south central part of screw rod, and the lighting lamps are hung directly below the screw rod. The stage spotlights at the top of the front and back of the stage are generally installed on the liftable light bridge and the special screw rod for light effect, which are mainly projected on the middle and back performance areas of the stage. The lamps installed on the screw rod from the eaves of the platform opening to the back of the platform are one top light, two top lights, three top lights, etc. Among them, the top light of the platform mouth is located on the top edge of the engineering construction platform mouth, close to the light position in front of and behind the large platform, also known as "one top light" and "false platform mouth top light". The basic light distribution shall be connected with the surface light. The light distribution mode should also be unified with the surface light. The lamp also has the unique lighting of the performance area, such as the most important light, skill light, chasing light, etc. The top light of the music pool is located at the top of the music pool and vertically straight from top to bottom. It is the stage lighting in front of the curtain after the music pool rises.

6、foot light

The foot is only a strip lamp installed on the outer lip of the prelude, and the light is projected on the face of famous actors or used to illuminate the lower part of the prelude after the closing ceremony. Generally, strip projector or low angle stage spotlight are used.

Before the electric light source was introduced into the theater, lamp oil, candle, gas lamp and other light sources were installed on the road surface of the stage lip as the key light position for performance lighting, which can also be said to be the first light position of the initial spectacle frame stage.

The plan drawing or curtain decoration design of hanging in the air in the pre performance area can be projected from the top to the bottom by using the platform foot light (tungsten filament lamp or astigmatism eye); the actual effect of platform foot light as the prelude lighting is also very good.

The artificial service mark of such special effects is heavy, and it is not suitable for independent application unless it is a unique natural environment and unique regulations.

7、 Backlight

Backlit light falling into the top of the well-known actor"s head and backpack can make the well-known actor show out from the background picture of the stage.

The light relative to the audience"s parts is called backlight, which is above 180 °. This kind of light is often used to represent the silhouette effect of a block or character.

Backlight is generally used to depict the central line, separating the subject block or role from the background image, resulting in a deep sense of interior space, and the actual effect of the interface does not look dead, and has a sense of vitality.

8、 Sky light (background light)

Tianmu light is divided into Tianpai light and Dipai light. There are three projection methods: forward, reverse and reverse.

Tianpai light, lighting Tianmu from top to bottom, generally two sets of power projection lights are used on the screw rod. Some of them are fixed and equipped with several kinds of colors suitable for the sky (such as dark blue, turquoise blue, green, light blue, purplish red, etc.), while others must choose the color according to the play.

In some large and medium-sized theatres, Tianmu ceiling light adopts the way of hanging plank road, which is equipped with a lot of light casting lamps. In addition, the hanging plank road is also equipped with slide projector and unique attribute lamp.

The lighting lamps and lanterns are made up of strips or single lamps, which can be dressed as one or two rows. The row is also divided into upper and lower layers, and its lighting requirements are balanced and symmetrical. Professional dive is used for sky lighting.

Ground drainage, put it on the reception board of Tianmu front desk or in the pipe ditch set up to look up the lighting lamps used by Tianmu. It can be used to mainly show dawn, straight line, sunset, etc. it is generally used in combination with sky lamp to make the color change more colorful.

9、tracking light

It can adjust the size, color, light and shade boundary, light and shade of focal length.

In the performance, with the movement of well-known actors, the color of lighting will be improved, the audience"s attention will be enhanced, and the part of lighting for the upper body, full body, long distance and small scope of well-known actors will be maintained. Sometimes it can also be used to build an abstract, ethereal feeling.

The light tracing part can be set on the opposite side and both sides of the second floor of the audience platform, can be placed on both sides of the stage performance area and the back side and other parts necessary for the modeling design, and is also built on the surface light part of the ceiling on the top of the audience platform and the enclosed special light tracing room set at the back of the audience platform.

10、 Unique attribute light

The unique attribute light generally refers to the actual effect of stars, sun, moon, wind, rain, lightning, flashlight, etc. in the scene, or the actual effect of game props, that is, the actual effect of light oil, candle, light bulb, or the actual effect of special strong light area light in the interface. The actual placement position depends on the performance space layout and performance status.

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