​What is a shaking head lamp? What is the difference with beam lamp?

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The difference between shaking head lamp and beam lamp: 1. Light column difference. The most important thing of beam lamp is light column. Bright light columns are the pursuit of beam lamp; The head shaking lamp, in fact, should be said to be the pattern lamp of the discharge bulb, focusing on the final result of the light column, that is, the spot and pattern. The purposes of the two lamps are different, so the application occasions have changed significantly. 2. The light source is different. Because the shaking head lamp irradiates conical light, the light paving area is much larger than the beam lamp. Suppose a pattern lamp can illuminate an adult, then a beam lamp can't illuminate a child. The beam lamp is a metal halide lamp, and the pattern lamp is a discharge bulb. The metal halide lamp used in the beam lamp can obtain a very bright light column even if the power is not very high because the beam angle is very small and the light efficiency utilization is higher. 3. Application occasions different beam lights are more often used in explosive scenes, such as close-up of opening show and vigorous singing and dancing, combined with stroboscopic to make a passionate visual impact effect. The shaking head lamp is more about the art of showing soft and intellectual nature, enjoying the aftertaste in the soft sound slow dance, forming a soft and gorgeous scene and creating a warm and romantic atmosphere through the collocation of different colors and patterns.

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