Successful Case

  • Vocal Concert

    The 19th anniversary of the founding of the power train, 7 / 9, came to the stage of Shanghai. After 19 years of service, the power train will finally drive to Shanghai! The power train is the only one who can sing the sad, the wanton, the desolate and sorrowful romance;

  • Cross Year Carnival

    This year"s Cross stage, a change of the previous simple star collage concert mode, upgraded to a national interactive carnival. The newly upgraded "party" pays more attention to the participation and interaction of the whole people, and emphasizes the on-site atmosphere. Let the big stars and the audience play together, say goodbye to the dull atmosphere of "singer singing + singer singing", more like a "big party" for the whole people.

  • Performance theatre

    This time, Sanye and Tibet Hongsheng Real Estate teamed up together to use modern model technology to interpret the beauty of traditional Tibetan architecture! Gladan East Tibet International Tourism Romantic City (Tibet Tour · Altar City) is the first super-scale urban cultural tourism complex in Lhasa, covering an area of ​​about 101 acres with a total construction area of ​​126,500 square meters.

  • Bailemen bar

    Bailemen bar and Jiashan Bailemen bar are chain stores. The decoration continues the style bar of Jiashan Bailemen and modern luxury European decoration. For you to present to many large-scale theme parties and classic performances, specially invite national famous DJ to stay in the field,