Performance theatre

    This time, Sai Ye and Tibet Hongsheng Real Estate teamed up together to use modern model technology to interpret the beauty of traditional Tibetan architecture! Gladan East Tibet International Tourism
Romantic City (Tibet Tour · Altar City) is the first super-scale urban cultural tourism complex in Lhasa, covering an area of 101 acres and a total construction area of 126,500 square meters. , Shopping, l
eisure and entertainment as a whole, jointly created by the world"s top well-known design institutes and expert teams, is a new landmark of Lhasa city, a showcase window of South Asian style, is a veritable
international cultural tourism city, and it is another ancient city of Lhasa.

    Our company was fortunate enough to get the Tibetan Mandala Theater project, the location of the theater is at the top of the central building. In order to fit Lhasa, a city with national characteristics, our
theater is also different from the past. The LED screen we used this time is a detachable and combinable mode, and the state of the LED screen can be changed according to the needs of the performance.
As of today, the Tibetan Lhasa Tibetan Altar Theatre has been basically completed. Welcome everyone to visit the Lhasa Tibetan Altar City when traveling to Lhasa. I also very much hope that everyone can
watch the performances in our carefully constructed theater.