​Urban Planning Exhibition Center

   City Planning Exhibition Center, the project is located in the core area of Baiyun New City, next to Baiyun Mountain and across the road from Baiyun International Conference Center. In 2007 by the "Chinese Pavilion

   "Father" Academician He Jingtang personally manipulated the design and won the Excellent Architectural Creation Award of the provincial registered architect at that time.

    The total construction area of Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center is about 83,900 square meters, with a total investment of 850 million yuan. After the plan is completed, it will become a collection of planning exhibitions, communication training,Cultural salons, popular science education, government affairs reception and other functions in one integrated public place, and fill the historical gap of Guangzhou without planning exhibition halls.The first is urban exhibits and cultural landmarks: simple and powerful masses, the skin of the perfect combination of architectural energy saving and architectural art, urban-level gray space,Architectural space with Lingnan characteristics.
    The second is a modern large-scale public building that provides open and vibrant spaces for the city: the overall design emphasizes openness and interaction from space to function.The third is a new type of exhibition space where the city can be seen during the visit: the project is located at the foot of the beautiful Baiyun Mountain.With the combination of lighting and landscape, the exhibition space also meets the light control requirements of the exhibition space through the careful design of the skin"s light flux and aperture, and the layout of the indoor exhibition spaceIt also allows citizens to see the surrounding city while they are visiting the exhibition.

The fourth is the innovation of advanced ideas and technologies. In terms of structural systems, the bold use of a combination of a stile and a suspension system creates an open city Grey space and free and flexible exhibition space, while improving daylighting in the middle of large spaces. In terms of environmental protection and energy saving, the physical design naturally forms the underlying airflow.Road; landscape water combined with evaporative cooling; the outer skin of the perforated plate contains both cultural connotation and the most effective external shading system.The excellent performance can save a lot of lighting energy consumption.