​Simple Living Festival in Pudong Expo Park

From October 4th to 6th, 2016, the Simple Life Festival will be performed in Pudong Expo Park for three consecutive days. Simple Life Festival is a much bigger range than a music festival,
A more inclusive and broader life style festival, providing young people with a unique style of life choices, through original music, exclusive creation
Yi and the master share the study with their hearts, conveying the taste of life and pure beauty.

The theme of 2016 Simple Life Festival is the simplest word-"love". Star Music Stage, Earth Stage, Street Sound Stage, Breeze Stage
The performance on the stage has always been the most anticipated by the audience. This year"s Simple Life Festival includes musicians
and rookies. Liu Ruoying, Chen Qizhen, Zheng Xiu
The three Chinese-language musicians are in the starry sky stage, and Pu Shu, Xu Wei, and Old Wolf are the backbone of mainland male
musicians on the earth stage. Others include Dou Jing
Popular singers such as Tong, Xu Jiaying, Li Ronghao and Liang Bo joined. Show your voice in three days!

In order to give everyone different feelings, the musicians on stage prepared thoughtful special performances, such as a good sister"s unplugged
special session, Liang Bo conceived two

The new arranger and performance extended limited edition of the month, Zhao Lei sang a long-awaited release of a song from the new album, and
Wei Lian brought a new musical performance of electronic style.