Product Advantage
1:You will get the best price ,as we are a Factory Company
2:You will enjoy our 2 year warranty,which means that you do not worry the quality,if have any problem,we will replace or amend all our goods for free!
3:Support 3D effect design and programmed which will allow you to make your own 3d show !
4:You could enjoy your own logo in the laser body,do your own brand!
5:If your country is cold,You can reply on our service of Heating Equipment,when the temperature below-2°,it will be heater and speed up to start working for the light.
6:you will work with a laser for refreshing,neat(dust proof) and the machine working sound just like a butterfly fly.
7:You could used our laser in any country as Our voltage is 100-240v and have all kinds of country plug.
8:You will like in our factory to see the produce testing and packing process,as we will update video and picture when producing testing and packing.
Setting Information
Laser Power
12w(G:520 4W/R:638 3W/B:450 5W)
Scan Angle
60 degree
Laser mode
analog/TTL changeable
Life time
-10-40 degree
Pangolin ,Phoenix etc.
Work effect
laser beam,animation,text etc.
Control mode
Auto,music ,DMX,ILDA software
Product Advantage
The MG-15 is a three-layer design. The first layer is the laser diode and the scanner, the second layer is the heat sink and the fan, and the third layer is the laser board and power supply.This design will make the laser heat and dust better.and it is used 520 diode,Not affected by temperature when is cold or hot.
Porduct Size36*34*22cm hand:32cm(L*W*H)
Net Weight:16.5kg
Product backside
SD CARD: have hundreds of effect .we also provide design serveral effect which you need and save in sd card.
ILDA in/out:Can connect all kind of software
Safety Function:Key, Remote,Ground Wire,Fuse
X/Y Axis:Adjust Effect Position
Mic:Adjust Sound Control Sensitivity
Power In&Out:Easy to connect when you have serveral laser that will dont need to used to much plug,just link to link for your each laser
DMX:You can used dmx controller to control
Applicable occasions size
Porject beams usual Used Medium-big indoor show,pub club ect.also could used outdoor show work with fog machine.
Application size :500-1000 square meters
Project logo aniamtion text ect,could project 10-100m
Power Option
RGB Power
Scanner option
9 watts rgb
9w(G:520 3W/R:638 2W B:450 4W)
10 watts rgb
10w(G:520 3W/R:638 2W B:450 5W)
12 watts rgb
12w(G:532 3W/R:638 3W B:450 6W)
15 watts rgb
15w(G:532 5W/R:638 4W B:450 6W)