Command Wing

MA ON / PC, the same operation mode as MA2
2 DMX signal output ports, 1 signal input port (composite)
MIDI time code function.
Program backup is fully compatible with GrandMA 2 system
1 master dimming wheel, 4 attribute table wheels, 1 master fader, 2 AB faders, 6 program playback faders, 12 program storage function keys.

Product parameters
Can control 2048 parameters in real time

6 actuators (60mm length), 18 actuators
2 A / B switch faders (length 100mm), 6 execution buttons, 6 page buttons (channel / fader / button), 4 coding wheels
2048 parameters, up to 4096 parameters
2DMX output port, 1DMX input port
1 brightness dimming wheel
Mute button with independent backlight and dimming
Analog signal remote control input interface
LTC connector, MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connectors
USB2.0 interface
The wide voltage (100-240VAC) power supply is light and portable. It is portable and sturdy, weighing only 6KG
The command button area is similar to the layout of the console; plug and play, you can easily implement the functions of the console by simply connecting to a PC
Volume: 63 * 57 * 26cm
Gross weight: 12KG