Rated voltage: AC110V / 240V, 50-60Hz
Number of light sources: 1ps maximum power: 220W bulb specification: led200w OSRAM chip
Lamp life: 50000 hours
Color temperature of bulb: 6500k-7000k
Light output angle: 28 ° 36 ° 48 ° (optional)
Spot shape: round / patched square
Dimming curve: 0-100%
Channel mode: 5 channels
Connection mode: hand in hand Cooling mode: conductive air cooling display mode: LED touch screen digital display
Color quantity: 1 color disc (5 colors + white light) adjustable speed rainbow
Effect pattern: 2 water ripple, double image can rotate at variable speed
Focusing function: mechanical definition adjustment
Protection function: with electronic positioning function, light source overheating protection
In the other mode of off-line operation / automatic control mode of DMX512, automatic control mode
Temperature mode: real time monitoring of light source temperature
Adjustment mode: manual adjustment
Adjustment angle: up and down adjustment 〉 180 degrees
Internal protection: electronic moisture-proof process treatment
Working environment: - 25 ° / + 35 °
Protection grade: IP65
Shell material: Die Casting Die + aluminum profile
Lamp body size: 340 * 300 * 360mm
Package size: 360 * 320 * 380mm
Net weight of lamp body: 11 kg
Lamp body color: black, gray (other colors can be customized)