350W 3in1 Moving Head Light

The 17R 350w beam spot wash is a 3-in-1 hybrid moving head with super smooth 3 phase motors. Boasting an immensely bright 350w discharge lamp, its output is ample for most large venues and events. With the ability to switch between a beam, spot and wash offers a huge potential of creativity for projecting patterns onto walls or generating stunning mid-air effects. Used as a beam effect (3-15°), the unit emits sharp beams of light whilst as a spot (7-33°) the fixture is capable of stunning projections. When operated in the wash mode the unit produces soft-edged washes.

350W 3in1 Wash Beam Spot Moving Head Light
Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz Power: 600W Light source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 350XL or YODN MSD 350R16 Ballast: Electronic Ballast Channel: 24 two channel modes DMX512 receiving
350W 3in1 Wash Beam Spot Moving Head Light
Color: one color plate, 14 color pieces + white light Pattern: a fixed pattern plate, a rotating pattern plate, 8 glass rotation patterns + 1 aperture Prism: two bidirectional rotating prism disks, one 8 prism, one 16 prism, the beam angle can be freely zoomed Focusing: Linear Focusing
350W 3in1 Wash Beam Spot Moving Head Light
Dimming: 0-100 linear dimming Atomization: Gradient atomization, dyeing angle 5-30 degrees Strobe: 0.5-14 times / sec, multiple strobe effects Optical: high precision glass optical lens Movement angle: 540 degrees horizontal, 8/16Bit resolution            
Vertical 270 degrees, 8/16Bit resolution
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