7X40W Led Wash Moving Head Light

Product Name: 7X40W Led Wash Moving Head Light
Product model: MG-7X40

Product parameters
Rated voltage: ac100-260v50 / 60Hz; rated power: 300W
Power socket: powercon I / O
Light source: 7 40wrgbw four in one LEDs
Electronic zoom range: 6 ° - 55 °
Control channel: 17ch
Control mode: DMX512, self-propelled, master-slave, voice control
Horizontal / vertical: horizontal: 540 °, resolution: 16bit; vertical: 270 °, resolution: 16bit;
Scanning position memory, automatic error correction and reset function
Display: LCD color display
Signal connection: three core and five core XLR socket
Protection class: IP20
Fixed bracket system: two Omega 1 / 4 rotating brackets designed with standard clamps
High precision three-phase stepping motor, precise positioning, smooth rotation
The product is equipped with safety rope hanger

Product characteristics

Strobe: 0-100% linearly adjusted strobe
Cooling system: advanced air cooling system, fast mute, no flicker.
Smooth zoom curve
Dimmer frequency: 2000Hz
Product size: 291 * 231 * 416mm; net weight: 10.5kg,